Shikoku Electric Power Company “Kozoo’s Why Not!

Shikoku Electric Power Company’s energy PR content “Kozoo’s Why Not! Shikoku Electric Power Co.
The content has gained popularity as a fun way to learn about energy, with Yonden-san, a representative of Osaka-born and Shikoku-resident Kozu-san (Mr. Kozuka), providing solid answers to questions about electricity and energy in his daily life.
Yusaku Tsuchiya of our company is in charge of music for the new video released today, March 1 (Fri.).
It is a content that both adults and children can enjoy!
Here is the “Tell me what’s in your electricity bill” episode!
For more information, please visit Shikoku Electric Power Company’s official website!
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Shikoku Electric Power Company’s ”Kozu no Why not?”
・Shikoku Electric Power Company’s “Kozu no nazeyanen!” “Why do we have to pay the Renewable Energy Levy?
・What’s in your electricity bill?
・What is the “fuel cost adjustment amount”?

Voice Actors: Aki Toyosaki (Kozu-san), Daisuke Ono (Yonden-san)
Music: Yusaku Tsuchiya (ongaq), NEKOZUME
Production: Kana Honda, Masami Kubota (ongaq)