We were in charge of recording the performance of “Enter the Fat Dragon” soundtrack!

“Enter the Fat Dragon” is a Hong Kong action comedy film.In this film, the world famous action star Donnie Yen transforms into a fat man and shows the strongest fighting force in the universe, with action master・Kenji Tanigaki as director. This movie is set in Japan! Naoto Takenaka and Wei Ching are also involved in this movie, which has become very popular as an entertaining masterpiece to revive the golden age of Hong Kong action movies in the modern world.
ongaq recorded and produced the soundtrack in Japan, and gaQdan played the soundtrack for this project, which was produced before the restrictions of COVID-19 began.The film was directed by Kenji Tanigaki, an action director and stunt coordinator best known for his work on the “Naniwa Kenshin” series.
The recording was done in Tokyo at “ONKIO HAUS”.
The uniqueness of this project was that we recorded while watching the reel and controlled the tension level during the recording process as a plan to perfectly match the field.
The film was released in Japanese theaters at the end of January this year, and the DVD and Blu-ray of the film will finally be available in Japan starting Wednesday, June 2nd.
The making of Donnie Yen’s transformation into the hot-blooded detective・ Chu Fu-lung (aka Chubby Cop) is also on display.
Enjoy the roller coaster movie with us!


『ENTER THE FAT DRAGON』official website